Here you can find more information about the art work within out space, brought to you by our two collaborations. The work within the club is exclusive to our members but The Container is open to the public. Please note that all invoices are in the Cedi equivalent of the listed price.

Front/Back x Gallery 1957

Within the club, our most exclusive pieces hang. Brought to you as a joint venture with a number of artists along with our partner, Ghana's Gallery 1957, these pieces are on consignment to Front/Back and on constant rotation. All these works are for sale and on a commercial agreement, benefiting the artists.

The Container

Nestled within the entrance to Front/Back and as a joint venture with Lokko, The Container is a social enterprise that works with emerging and established artists across all media. Everything you find is exclusive to us and most are specially commissioned, from editioned items to unique pieces.

The Container guarantees quality control and authenticity. We also nurture our artists, providing them with any advice they may need and working alongside them with production. Purchasing from us is not only a fun investment in art but a direct way of supporting the creative industry on our continent. Thank you.